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Outpost Kumalo

Welcome to the Outpost Kumalo!

Welcome to Outpost Kumalo, the Federation’s only diplomatic mission in the Delta Quadrant, and the primary diplomatic presence in the Gradin Belt. Sitting nestled between several major Delta Quadrant powers, Outpost Kumalo serves to centralize Federation,and Starfleet diplomatic affairs in the Gradin Belt, with hopes of starting strong alliance and building a peaceful presence in that region of space. Kumalo is our first best hope for peace in the Delta Quadrant, and a tiny haven for Bravo Fleet among foreign stars.

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» The Value of Silence

Mission: Of War and Peace
Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 11:46pm by Chief Ambassador Charles Kennly

"Ambassador Kennly?"

Charles Kennly, Ambassador of note from the United Federation of Planets, sat on the shore of a lake that only a few eyes had seen from his home system. He had his toes in dirt that no human being had ever touched before, and sat on a log…