Star Trek

Outpost Kumalo

The Value of Silence

Posted on Fri Feb 7th, 2020 @ 11:46pm by Chief Ambassador Charles Kennly

Mission: Of War and Peace
Location: Outdoors, New Geneva - 10km from Outpost Kumalo

"Ambassador Kennly?"

Charles Kennly, Ambassador of note from the United Federation of Planets, sat on the shore of a lake that only a few eyes had seen from his home system. He had his toes in dirt that no human being had ever touched before, and sat on a log that had laid undisturbed by anyone for years, much less any human. He sat listening to a yet unidentified bird species tweeting from the unblemished wood nearby as a breeze carrying the sweet, honeydew sent of a flower that no one had named yet ruffled his white hair. And mostly, he listened to the quiet and still of a world untouched. ... The mostly quietly.

"Ambassador Kennly, you're ten kilometers from the Outpost and people are worried... did you... did you turn off you comm badge?" The young security officer that was approaching from behind asked, his concern evident.

"Shh," Kennly replied, gently. "Listen."

The security officer stopped short and looked around, his hand drifting toward his phaser.

A moment passed and he spoke, quietly, "I don't... I don't hear anything, sir?"

"Silence, my boy. There's a lost appreciation for silence. If you can't appreciate silence, then you can't listen. That's the basis of most of our diplomatic issues these days. People so dead set on making noise and talking that they never truly listen," He said, turning back to look at the young man. "I'm trying to appreciate the silence out here, my boy. What do you need?"

"Oh... uh... Well, you're far away from the base and people were worried..." He ventured.

"Worried? Am I too old to be left out unsupervised now?" Kennly asked, arching a bushy white eyebrow. "Are you to be my nurse maid, son?"

"I... er... no sir... but..."

"I'm fine, son. You can go back and tell them that. And that I'll be back when I'm ready to be back." He replied.

"I... uh... Okay, sir... you're sure you don't want to come back with me?"

"I'm quite certain," He replied.

"Okay," The young man said, not moving from the spot.

Kennly sat and looked at him for a moment, his eyebrows slowly raising, "Scoot, son. Go home. I'll be back in a bit," He said.

"Oh... right... sorry... See you when you get back, sir," The young man said, starting his way back around the lake toward the base.

Kennly grinned and chuckled, shaking his head, and looking back out over the lake. A massive moon hung at the horizon, four thick rings surrounding it. The clouds, oddly purple in the sky, wafted passed it. And beyond the moon... The Delta Quadrant. Kennly had been encouraged to retire, a man of 68 years old, but in sound body and mind. It had seemed preposterous to him. And so he volunteered for this mission. A one way trip to the Delta Quadrant. His friends and family were stunned, but he just gave them the grin he always had.

"You said you wanted me to retire to a nice place in the mountains... you were ill specific on the planet," He'd replied, playfully.

And so he'd left, with warm farewells and parties celebrating all of his accomplishments in his life... he felt like he was a participant in his old funeral. And how... he was here. On a world, untouched by anyone... and it felt right. He felt alive.

He smiled to himself as he looked out over the placid lake, and nodded. This would be his legacy. The Delta Quadrant. The Devore, the Malon, the Turie. Who knows, even the Hirogen or the Borg... it was his to negotiate, his to seek out peace and coexistence. He'd be buried on this planet, he assumed. And that was fine with him. This would be his challenge, his mountain.

This would be home.